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Reason 1: Your dog learns appropriate behaviors for every situation. Like sitting instead of jumping on guests; or chewing on toys instead of your shoes or the rug or…the couch!!

Reason 2: YOU SAVE MONEY!! YES! How much does it cost to replace a ruined oriental rug, or a couch, or your favorite pair of shoes, or your guest’s favorite dress? 

Reason 3: YOU SAVE TIME!! AGAIN YES! Who wants to come home after a full day at work to clean up the mess made by your dog while you were away? 

Dog Training in Tampa, Florida

Man’s best friend can also be man’s biggest headache if your pooch is not properly trained. Unruly dogs can bother visitors, jump on furniture, and generally display bad behavior that makes life unpleasant for all the family. Fortunately, in the right program a canine can grow to learn good behavior, develop better communication, and even learn tricks! Here at Wet Nose University, we perform all of the above, and then some!

Hello, I’m Martha Bernal, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and creator of Wet Nose University. I am the proud owner of two golden retrievers and have dedicated over 14 years to fostering and caring for dogs. In that span I have grown to understand dog body language and apply positive reinforcement techniques to obtain the desired behaviors in dogs. Wet Nose University is bonded and insured.

The Basic Dog Training Classes

Helping your dog make the transformation into a well-behaved pet is a process spanning many weeks. We’ve broken our sessions down into five distinct groups:

Freshman (1-2 sessions per week for 3-4 weeks) – designed for young puppies up to 6 months in age, or any pup with no prior dog obedience training.

Sophomore (1-2 sessions per week for 3-5 weeks) – Pups learn how to maintain a healthy transition to adulthood. Training centers around patience and control, mental stimulation, and games to drain adolescent dogs’ energy.

Junior (1-2 sessions per week for 3-4 weeks) – This level includes generalization of basic behaviors around distractions and holding behaviors for extended periods of time. New behaviors include targeting and tricks.

Tutoring – Unlike the other class levels, tutoring provides our trainers with the opportunity to address specific, common unwanted behaviors in dogs, such as:

House breaking



Excessive Barking

Jumping on people or furniture


Counter surfing



Unruly behavior in the house

Canine Good Citizen – This program is designed to teach and/or reinforce ten basic obedience behaviors. When the dog is ready, it will take a standard test that certifies them as a Canine Good Citizen. Dogs with this certificate can move on to therapy dog training or simply volunteer as companion animals. (more info on this course is located on the Canine Good Citizen page)

*Note* The location for each level is as follows: The dog trainer will go to your residency or agreed upon meeting place within the Tampa, Fl area. Dogs in the tutoring program may need further assistance; if necessary, the dog trainer will offer to board the dog at her home for a period of time to work on improving the behavior.


​Creating a Trusting Bond Between You and Your Dog 

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